Where can I get a book?

Mennonite Girl is out there! A little tip on getting a book, since some stores have copies, but they are mostly located in Nova Scotia.

So… my suggestion is to go directly to the publishers site and order. Thing is… if you order one, the shipping cost is around $8.00, which is a bit steep. Yes I truly am a Mennonite girl.

Here’s the thing; if you order ten copies, the shipping is around $15.00, which works out to $1.50 per copy.  Much better value per book, as my friend Kathleen would say.  Anyway, that is my tip of the week, regarding ordering. Here’s the link: www.brylerpublications.com

And if you happen to live in the Mission, BC area, my sister has a supply of books out there. Contact her by email at sediger.ahss@shaw.ca

Don’t forget to tell your friends, especially if they are Mennonite. They might like it.


Mennonite Girl

Welcome to this blog/website. This is brand new to me… am stumped for words, but that too shall pass.

I would like to announce the recent publication of Mennonite Girl, through Bryler Publications, Inc in Chester, Nova Scotia. Check it out at www.brylerpublications.com

More later…