My Blood is Beginning to Boil

I say that kind of in jest, but not really.

I meet regularly with a group of wonderful women who read discuss/try to incorporate spirituality/nowness and presence into our dailyness. And am trying not to ‘mind’ what happens…

But Lord almighty, when will good common sense prevail? I was at  our community hall last night to watch the a documentary film called Salmon Wars. Good in a sadly disturbing way, and very relevant as many of our community members were in the movie.

I am here to beg, plead, beg and plead, beg and plead some more for all you folks to take an hour and watch this film. I know you are busy and there are so many causes to support with time and money. And you might ask, why should I care.  I’m not crazy about that word should, but this is relevant if you eat anything from the sea, especially salmon. See

Here are two photos. And I apologize about this NIMBY potential. but this is the type of thing that is happening around here. The Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture (yes they are the same department) plans to plant aquaculture sites in every bay in Nova Scotia.  See this beautiful and PROTECTED beach? The second pictures speaks for itself, taken near fish farm site after 15 months of fallowing. We had pens in our bay. They took them out to fallow. Now they are back again. Long story. Please watch the movie, and please don’t buy farmed salmon. It’s full of pesticide and dye. Maybe if people stop buying the farmed salmon …


I feel like I have so much more to say, but I won’t at the moment.  Thanks for listening.

This is what is happening