And the winner is…

Seems I’m a little behind. I saw that inside a birthday card once. On the front was a rear-view drawing of a tiny naked boy, with peachy buttocks. The caption on the front said, ‘Sorry I forgot your birthday.’

First, thanks so much to all of you who did a review for Mennonite Girl on I was waiting for my husband to return from Newfoundland early Sunday evening  so he could help me do the draw. He was late due to a malfunction and them needing to get another plane to fly. When he did get home, we did what we always do. We sit with a beer and he gives the play-by-play of his time on ‘the rock’.  I ask him to start with his arrival at the Halifax airport. He started talking. 45 minutes later he was still talking about the guy he was sitting next to on the plane. Which was great because he was a really interesting fellow. Two hours later he was through with the 4 day synopsis. I love every minute of it and this is all to say why I didn’t announce the name yesterday. Just got sidetracked.

The other thing I was going to do yesterday, in honor of Mother’s Day, was to tell a story that my mother told in church one Sunday many years ago. This was during ‘children’s time’, when all the children all called forward during the church service.

Don’t worry. It isn’t actually a church story because there are no Biblical characters in the story. It’s  about a little old widow who lived alone. The widow doesn’t even attend church. She’s a recluse.

The story is called, The Geranium. But right now, I am needed elsewhere. I will finish and post the story sometime soon. This week. But I shall now do the name draw and at least get that done. But due come back later in the week for the story. And next week, I shall try to post on time.

And the winner is Janet Schmidt. Congratulations Janet!!!

Thanks again to all of you who did post ratings and comments.


One Comment on “And the winner is…”

  1. Karen Harmon says:

    Hey Mary! I want to hear the story entitled The Geranium, don’t forget or I may just keep reminding you. And Mary, I tried to comment on you book but I got all muddled up, couldn’t seem to navigate my way out of a wet paper bag that day. Probably a combination of always using my phone for facebook & computer stuff and having just moved, I have been somewhat frazzled for at least 6 weeks. As amazing and tech-ie as these gadgets are they still do hinder me with how small & fidgety they can be. Needless to say I would have given rave reviews to Mennonite Girl. I have already lent my copy out to two women who both thouraghly enjoyed it! So perhaps I will get in on the next contest, if you ever have one. So again, my apologies. My favorite part of your book was getting to know little Mary Ediger and relating to her. Eventhough our childhoods were polar opposites, the little girl thinking was very much the same as my little girl thinking. I felt a kindred spirit with little Mary. Expo, growing up in the 60’s, school, friendships, siblings and special moments with my Mother and Father. Loved your book Mary. I would like to get to know teenager Mary sometime! But perhaps your next book will be based around something else, however I do know that you have a lot going on in that brain of yours so keep up the blogging until your next book is ready to emerge.

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