The Elusive Page 160

Good day,

Just back from the west coast, and have made some little decisions, one of which is that I am going to start posting once a week, most likely on weekends. So today is the start of all of that and this one for those of you out there with a book missing page 160. See above by ‘About’…there’s a little link there to show that missing page. You can read it now.

If you are wondering why some books are missing this page…well, it’s a long story, so the abbreviated version is this. No one really knows why, but a bunch of books were printed without page 160. And I might add that I do not wish to sound catty or disrespectful toward either printer or publisher. Things happen. We’ve taken the necessary steps to rectify the situation, but some of these ‘special’ books slipped through the cracks. Apologies on all behalves.

For those of you who haven’t read my wonderful (blush, blush) book, you can read a sample page. And I would bet a few dollars it isn’t the best page in the book, or anywhere near it. So if you like the page at all, you’ll probably like all the others a whole lot more.

Just wanting to get this page out, in case you are stalled at page 159 and seemingly can’t proceed.

Come back next week, and we’ll get on with things.


2 Comments on “The Elusive Page 160”

  1. All I’m able to say is wow. I’ve certainly not looked at it like this, but I appreicate you posting it. I’ll carry on to become a regular reader of your blog.

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